Our Approach

Baking By Daylight

Everything at Hart Bageri is baked fresh and by hand, on-site and during the light of day. This ensures that our bread, pastries and cakes are served fresh and at their best, and allows guests to see, smell and taste the process.


Bending the Rules

We are trained in the science of baking, but believe those rules are meant to be bent and broken. With respect to tradition, but with passion and instinct, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of baking to discover new flavours and sensations.

Building Community

Open seven days a week, and with an open kitchen and friendly staff, we’re here to welcome regulars and first-time visitors alike, to share our passion for baking as well as sharing our knowledge and helping anyone with an interest to become a better baker. We’re a local bakery in and of Frederiksberg and hope to become a regular stop for everyone and anyone, and an active member of our local community.


Heart Is The Main Ingredient

Hart Bageri is built on a foundation of love – a love of creativity, our craft, and our community.  From responsibly sourcing the best ingredients, baking bread that is better for you, and taking care of our people, the Hart team have got a whole lotta love to give.