How do I apply for a job or an internship?
You can apply for a position here

Can I make a reservation?
Our seating capacity is limited and we do not reserve tables.

Do you have any vegan and gluten free options?
Our morning buns and wheat loafs are vegan but we do not bake glutenfree products.

How many slices do I get out of a city loaf?
If we slice the loaf for you, you will get 14-16 slices plus the two ends outta it.

How many slices do I get out of a rye bread?
If we slice the loaf for you, you'll get 14 slices plus the two ends outta it.

Are you working with organic produce?
We are always striving to work with the best ingredients we can possibly get our hands on. Sometimes this means that our suppliers are certified organic, other times it means that our suppliers' operations are so small that they do not have the certification despite their sustainable practices. Drop by Gammel Kongevej for a chat with our bakers if you're interested in knowing more about our flour.

How can I make a special order?
Please email info@hartbageri.com if you have a special request. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and within two weekdays at the latest.

Do you ship cakes and products abroad?
We do not ship baked goods or merchendise abroad. Do you deliver? We have paused our delivery service til further notice and will announce changes on our Instagram page.

What's the best way to keep your bread?
Ideally in a bread box. Second to that in a paper bag, or simply with the cut side of the loaf facing the cutting board, then covered with a tea towel. Unsliced loaves will last longer than sliced - several days for wheat loaves and almost a week for ryes.