Come Join Us!

Commencement Date: As soon as possible
Employment Type: Full Time
Employment Location: Copenhagen
As a waiter, this position is an integral part of our team, working to ensure the business’ success by creating a space in which our guests get a hospitality and retail experience that is second to none. The waiter is responsible for realizing our hospitality and retail programs by working a range of different roles on our front of house team. The waiter will work under Hart Bageri’s Front of House Manager’s leadership, and will interact with key stakeholders, including the bakery’s executive team, on a day-to-day basis. In addition to working towards the realization of Hart Bageri’s hospitality and retail programs, the waiter will also assist with mise en place for the shop as well as making sure that the shop is kept in perfect condition.
Required skills:
– Proven work experience as a Waiter
– Hands-on experience with POS systems
– Basic math skills
– Attentiveness and patience for guests
– Excellent presentation skills
– Strong organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment
– Active listening and effective communication skills
– Team spirit
– Flexibility to work in shifts
– Verbal Communication
– Professionalism
– Endurance to walk and stand for long hours
– Ability to remain calm and professional
– Excellent interpersonal skills
– Knowledge of hygiene and sanitation standards
– Knowledge of food and health codes
– Honesty and integrity
– Fluency in both Danish and English is preferred yet not essential
Apply by clicking here. Please note that the deadline is September 10 23.59 CEST and that we only accept applications through the link.