Bread and Cakes

All of our breads, pastries, cakes and seasonal favourites, are baked fresh and by hand every day at our bakery in Frederiksberg.

Our menu celebrates the community of Copenhagen, drawing from its traditions, and featuring the very best and our own personal take on local favourites. It also includes some of our favourite international classics that reflect our team’s varied upbringing and travels around the world.

Our daily bread includes Richard’s signature City Loaf sourdough, a “ryeso”-infused super seeded rye that we developed in collaboration with our friends at Restaurant Noma, our naked rye, spelt loaves, baguettes, and classic morning buns.

Our always-changing pastry and cake menu features spandauers, cardamom buns, tebirkes, and double-baked croissants, pølsehorn made in collaboration with the team at Restaurant Barr, and cakes including brunsviger, citronmåne and our take on the basque cheese cake. Seasonal favourites have so far included hveder, fastelavnsboller, Hart Cross Buns (Richard’s take on the hot cross bun), and panettone for Christmas and New Year.

Daily sandwiches and other lunchtime offerings are perfect to eat at the bakery or on-the-go.